What we are about.....

Speakeasy Speed Shop is a family owned and operated company that has been born from a love of all things motorsports and welding. We specialize in welding, fabrication, machining, composite repair and prototype work.

Being one of the few shops in the country that can handle the repair and restoration of aluminum monocoque chassis, we work closely with the customer and strive to obtain all the original documents, design drawings and specifications available to bring the chassis back to its original configuration along with the assembly of these collectable and prestigious automobiles.

However we are not limited to just these types of repairs and restorations we are also capable of roll cage fabrication, header and exhaust fabrication, fiberglass body work repairs and so much more!!

From concept to creation we got you covered!!

Speakeasy Speed Shop LLC

In need of trackside support?? Please contact Speakeasy Motorsports LLC.
Make sure to check out the speed shop to see what we are up to.
  • Speedy

    The face of it all!! Speedy is such an amazing asset to our team. He has such a fun and unique personality. We really enjoy all his different looks!!

  • Shane

    The Man who can do it all!! Shane is one of our owners as well as our project coordinator, welder and much more. He is so ambitious and truly loves what he does. Shane is super easy to work with and eager to take on your project.

  • Leanne

    A woman of detail and dedication. She has an ever growing list of skills that revolve around everything we do and aspire to achieve. Not only is Leanne an owner of Speakeasy Speed Shop, she is a loving mother and wife who is committed to her family's success!!

  • Dayton

    Dayton is the one who is usually behind the wheel. Starting out in quarter midgets at just 6yrs. old. Then taking on vintage go karts and todays go karts at 9yrs old. Now 14 Dayton has become quite the driver. He is such a great asset to our team and hopes to someday take a car like this out on the track!!

  • Winston

    This guy right here is quite the character and a blast to have as a part of the team. Winston really enjoys seeing all the cool projects we work on here. He even jumps in at times as an extra pair of hands when needed.

  • Dozer Dog

    Dozer is our shop dog. He keeps everybody in the shop happy!! He is always up for break time because that means play time.